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Never fall into the trap of thinking you know better, and judging critically.

Elitism is a bath to burnt bridges.

Also, never get a tattoo.

The hardest thing in the world is to acknowledge that the only person who can push us to become our greatest is ourselves.  Other people may help us find the motivation along the way, but it is important to remember who makes the decision to take the first step, and who makes the decision to follow through.  When you can acknowledge that you are the person responsible for your own fate, the help you receive becomes an important part of survival.

You realize that while we are molded by the people we surround ourselves with, we are the ones that made the decision to listen to them.


Today I have 3 tattoos, and think this is a hilarious entry.  I also think 20 year old me was more enlightened than the now 25 year old me.

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