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Today begins the day where I start life over.  I have not yet accepted that this pain will be forever, but I know I must relearn how to live.

I must learn to transition from a life with pain, to a life (just with pain).

In this case, the word just is ok, because the objective is to minimize the impact of the pain, not to minimize the pain completely.

I believe this is my test.  A life-long test.  A test that reminds me that I do not control everything that can happen to me, but that struggle in-and-of itself is the reward.


This spoke of my scoliosis, at the point at which the pain I was enduring had me limping.  I was eating Ibuprofen at more than 2400mg a day (for over a year) just to function.  Today I take no pills.  Today I am in no noticeable pain (most of the time).  It was shortly after this that I stopped taking Ibuprofen (cold turkey), and my therapies finally started to provide lasting relief.

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